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Wise Ways - Day Retreat

Join us for a day of deep connection to self and country with an intimate group of people. Our 6 hour immersion will include beautiful connection practises and space to just be and immerse yourself in nature, connect, reflect and rest.

Connection Circle
A chance to give and receive connected touch through non intrusive exercises. You will also receive the healing touch of Reiki from the facilitators during this exercise together. A heart opening opportunity to feel deeply held and connected with one another.

Kundalini Dance
Dance therapy uses free movement to gain insight, to bring about balance and overall well-being. This is the integration of breath work, sound, presence and free movement combined with clearing the chakra system, energy centres for release and shifts within.
Journalling & Creation
The space to create through drawing, collage or personal writing. Art uses the processes of creating, as a way to represent your inner experiences, develop awareness and support personal inner change.
Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness is a simple and practical way to learn to observe our thoughts, rather than be trapped by them and worrying about the past or the future. Meditation is sitting formally, focusing on our breath or body sensations. As we do this we experience greater ease and freedom. This is the practise of presence and being in the moment.
Earth Connection
Mindful time connecting with nature, may help to reduce your stress levels and boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration. This is an exercise for the mind, body and spirit and may help you reach a place of greater calm and connectedness.

The space:
Located among the foothills of Mount Samson, Kupidabin Wilderness is 10 acres and is situated in beautiful bushland just 35 minutes drive from Brisbane CBD, Kupidabin Wilderness is a place of peace and harmony dedicated to preserving the cultures and traditions of indigenous cultures, traditions and ceremonies from Australia and around the world.


Please bring:
Water bottle
Yoga mat, cushion and blanket if you have your own
Warm clothes, think layers
Journal and pen or art book if you wish to use your own
Anything that will add to your comfort for the day

A light warm meal
Fruit & chocolate
Tea, coffee & water
Art supplies

Art material will be provided along with some extra blankets, mats and cushions but please bring what you need to feel comfortable and supported.
Saturday 5th February 2022.
9.30am - 3.30pm

Kupidabin Wilderness
7 Lyell Court,
Mount Samson

Your investment $260

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