Restorative Yoga Nidra
Every second Friday evening 7-8:30pm
The Lotus Room - Lifestyle & Wellness Brighton

Join me Friday evenings for a deeply relaxing and restorative practice. The perfect way to calmly flow into your weekend and let the stressors of the week melt away.


Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep, where our mind settles in a place between wakefulness and sleep.  It induces full-body relaxation, where our conscious mind relaxes and the deeper levels of the mind states awaken.


We will begin with a series of three restorative yoga poses, which we will hold for an extended period. These are gentle, relaxing positions that are fully supported with props.  We will then prepare for the practice of Yoga Nidra,  while laying on your back comfortably,  you will be gently guided through this therapeutic meditation.