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Mindful in May

I am thrilled to be an  Ambassador with Mindful in May again this year.

We are the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign.

The idea behind Mindful in May is simple: we provide mindfulness education, tools and support for you to build a sustainable meditation practice in one month. Research shows it only takes 10 minutes of meditation a day to see significant positive benefits to your life!

And as you strengthen your mind, you can also opt to help our community raise funds to bring clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most.

During Mindful in May, not only will you learn inner tools that will transform your life, but you'll have the chance to fundraise or donate to improve the lives of those living in poverty.

For every $50AUD you raise, you'll be bringing clean, safe drinking water to one person - for life. Our Mindful in May community have together raised $1,020,000, bringing clean drinking water to 31,843 people!

Mindful in May is a social enterprise that partners with the not-for-profit, charity: water, based in the USA. They use 100% of donations to build water projects in developing countries. (Donations are only tax-deductible if you are based in the USA.)

We’re looking forward to having a HUGE positive impact together.

For more information check the Mindful in May website or to register click here.