Wild Berries

Meet .... Bianca Young

Through a lifetime of self discovery, I bring a wealth of hands on life experience to my offerings. I lead with love, patience and understanding, I motivate an authentic self love in others, always with open arms and a hand to hold through the journey of unexplored terrain. An individuals journey of self discovery, belonging and deep self love is my deepest purpose. I believe self love and self acceptance is a basic human right yet it is not something that was instilled in many of us.

For those seeking the facts - my background spans more than 20 years in Childhood Education and mentoring, Intuitive Healing, Social Work, Mental Health and Leadership. It has been an extraordinarily rewarding path. I feel extremely fortunate to have been a valuable part of the psychological and educational development of both adults and young people in my community, whilst also supporting the social, emotional and energetic journey of my peers. The past 20 years supporting, mentoring and volunteering with teens, adults and community has been a transformational experience and given me a deep insight into human behaviours.

Guiding people to envision and execute their goals, cultivate self love and acceptance in an explorative environment has been a privilege. All of this work has led me to deepen the energetic journey we are all taking in this life. My own personal experience has been nothing short of dark, challenging and painful. Yet equally ecstatic, rewarding and enriching. I have explored many modalities and teachings in my 44 years. I have come to realise that we unfortunately place deeper importance on fixating on the mind rather than including the body in our development and this has resulted in a deep disconnect with both ourselves and the planet on which we live.

It has become undeniably clear to me through my own experiences, that the body is where we hold our trapped unfelt emotion and trauma - in a physical form. There isn’t a single experience that we have as human beings that doesn’t touch the body and mind equally, yet we rarely explore our body for emotional healing. It is when we combine both movement and mindset that we can deeply transform our lives. With an authentic foundation of self love and self acceptance everything grows. With this support and acceptance of community there comes a deep sense of belonging. Through movement we can shift the innermost beliefs and patterns within us.

My practice derived from Kundalini Alchemical Dance, Body:Mind Centreing, Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, Intuitive Bodywork and Mindfulness Meditation and sprinkles of many other powerful techniques that have touched my own journey of healing. This life, this journey has been miraculous and the journey of growth and self awareness is available to us all if we are open the many possibilities.

Information taken with permission from Wild Waratah Website